Become an INO

A once-off registration fee of R295, gives you all the resources you need to start earning money right away!

This includes your personal login which allows you to access our ABN mobi-site offering comprehensive product information, marketing material and detailed lead monitoring systems. A Portfolio Manager will be assigned to you and you’ll receive all the support you need from our expert team at the ABN Hub. Your once-off registration fee allows you to attend ABN Information Sessions which help to ensure you’re kept up to date with the latest products and business developments on your journey to success!

So that you can check things out and experience ABN for yourself, we’re giving you 30 days FREE access to the ABN mobi-site! This will give you the chance to find out more about us and experience how easy it is to start earning money as an INO. Your 30 day trial period unlocks all the features of the ABN mobi-site and gives you complete access to our ABN Hub team, available to you during office hours, to help and guide you through those first steps of learning more about the ABN opportunity.

After 30 days, your trial period will end and the once-off registration fee of R295 will be payable should you wish to continue accessing the ABN resources.

To join our growing business network, simply complete and submit the form below. One of our ABN Portfolio Managers will then make contact with you to help you get started.

    ABN is a registered member of the Direct Selling Association Of South Africa (DSA), a national business association that represents companies that distribute goods and services through independent agents. You can find out more about the DSA at


    Affinity Business Network offers YOU as an Independent Network Owner to be the CEO of your own business.

    Whether you decide to start off small and partake part time or run your own business full time. Affinity Business Network offers you the opportunity on what you would like your monthly income to be. We have moved into an era where private health care has become a necessity and through product provider Affinity Health you have the opportunity to advertise, create your own Brand Name for your business generate true interest by conversing with potential clients and then submit them as a lead.


    • Must have connectivity to the internet either through a smart phone, PC or even a local internet cafe where one can upload leads on our back office called the “ABN MOBI SITE”
    • Product services are available only within the borders of South Africa however if you reside outside the borders of South Africa you may become an Independent Network Owner provided you have a valid South African bank account in order for us to pay your hard earned money into.
    • Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn Page which have become today’s conventional platforms to advertise however one could use multiple different platforms to advertise as long as it complies with our firm "terms and conditions of misrepresentations."
    • Must be coachable, willing to work hard and earn money
    • Must have WhatsApp which is key for not only for training but promotions too.


    • You will be advertising products on behalf of Affinity Business Network.
    • We encourage creating your own Brand Name for this will be your own business.
    • You can work your own hours, and advertise in the comfort of your own home.
    • Focused on personal growth combined with a organizational growth based on the ethics of Multi-Level Marketing.