We believe

that great businesses are built on great experiences.

That’s why we practice a collaborative, supportive and professional culture.
Our History

The Affinity Business Network was established in 2014 with a strong network existence. We have built a large network over time, with over 30 000 registered Independent Network Owners.

The ABN Hub

With a support base of experienced marketing professionals, the ABN Hub provides extensive guidance in growing your business and increasing your earning potential.


You will enjoy the benefits of an Allocated Portfolio Manager, Marketing Material, SMS Short codes, Embedded Online Application Links, Target Market Campaigns, Access to a beginners WhatsApp Group and the Mobi Site.

Mobi Site

The Mobi Site, an electronic portal used by INO's. From the Mobi Site you will be able to: Submit your leads, View the status of your submitted leads, View your statistics, Download Marketing Material, Get the latest updates from the HUB, And More...

Regular Auto updates

Within the Mobi Site the progress and the status of your submitted leads update in real time as sales are made, so you will always be in the loop. The same goes for newly created documents and news from the ABN HUB.

Friendly Support

You can get in contact with our friendly, ready to help support team in more than one way. They are equip with the knowledge and tools to assist you when you contact them by email, WhatsApp, Phone or Skype even!

What is the Affinity Business Network?

What do you get when you become an INO?

How you will earn as an INO?

ABN Mobi-site

In addition to our experienced ABN Hub team, our superb ABN mobi-site offers important resources that will help you recruit and get equipped for your business. You get access to tools and reports, network adverts, product brochures and many more resources.

How do I get started?

After filling in our “Become an INO” form which you can find below, One of our friendly call centre agents will give you a call and start the registration process.

Our approach is collaborative and adaptive. We want you to be immersed in the process.